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Get the low-down on all things Golden, from how it all began, who we are, and what we do, to details on how to let us know about your feedback or great ideas. Golden Dimensions Ltd was founded in 2003. It is a limited company of more than 200 professionals spread across the world that provides a range of quality comfort services. We pride ourselves on our academic rigor, commitment to teamwork, and highest caliber client service.

Golden Dimensions Ltd holds a very tough ethics code (honesty and objectivity), high degree of confidentiality and top compliance with laws & regulations of the countries in which we carry our activities.

Golden Dimensions Ltd continues to expand. Golden Dimensions Ltd is about to double its number of employees and offices worldwide by 2010. We have being creating brand new divisions and as a result providing a number of low cost services worldwide in different sectors of business.

For any other enquiry, kindly contact us.